Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Evil of Central Banking

The controlled evolution of mankind has been a consistent idea throughout the educated realms of our western society. Topics such as social engineering, democide, genocide, ethnic cleansing, wars of religion etc., have all been attributed to controlling the evolution of mankind's direction. Some believe that diversity is the key to a better evolution for humanity, and some believe that solidarity of culture, race, language, etc. is the key to getting there faster. Both schools of thought agree to one concept; we are in fact evolving. 
I believe that humans are now transcending biology in favor of the technological realm of existence. The techno-logic revolution is going to mend rationality and religion. Faith in the unknown will be an extinct policy of living. The communication revolution is bringing the world closer and closer together, and in turn is making the availability of truth and the consolidation of  logic more solidified from coast to coast.
With that being said I offer you a video on just one aspect of the corruption that has found its opportunity in ignorance. The Central Banking cartels have funded both sides of wars in order to make dividends of scrupulous magnitudes. The control of money is the control of food, which in turn is control of the people. The smartest person hides from prosecution; hence the reason the Federal Reserve is secret. Please watch this video to educate yourself on the history of Central Banking, because it is the knowledge, and understanding that will fix this world, not faith, not religion, not nationalism...but it is knowledge and democracy that will free the enslaved human population.  

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