Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Government and it's evolution

History, the sustenance of freedom.
As Americans we must garner against any intrusion on liberty. No mortal can wear an excuse pervading on Liberty. The perversion of the constitution by bureaucratic elites is for covet means and it has in turn left the power over the economy in the hands of the few. The persuasive dialects of American aristocratic despots have, over time, chipped away at the moral value of our word of Liberty to leave it as a mere novelty attached to the excuses of politicians for actions they must defend from public scrutiny. Nancy Pelosi made millions of dollars while in congress because the SEC has decided it is legal for congressmen to trade stocks on inside information only found in government. Thank 60 minutes for this exposure. We must accredit the actions and lies cast down through the mainstream media which veils freedom behind their controlled elections.  We are told we are free to vote when the media selects two candidates who are almost exactly alike. Republicans and Democrats are two wings of the same bird. Politics in America are a scam, we do not have a choice in who is running our country, just like we don’t have a choice over whether we go to war or not. Money makes the world go round, and it is our constitution that is the one pure sentiment left of our identity. Eisenhower warned us of the military industrial complex, and Kennedy tried to warn us of a monolithic conspiracy in his speech.

The perfect slave is one who is tricked into thinking he is free”-Unknown

Separatist elitist groups such as the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Bilderberg and other extraneous groups of elitists have conspired for over one hundred years to discredit the constitution in hopes of destroying the one worldly promise of a free land separate from the feudal serfdom of humanity. A New world order is no longer a myth, or mere conspiracy theory, but is brought right out in the open by globalists such as Henry Kissinger, G. Bush Senior, Hillary Rodham Clinton and others. Look at the funding for the Department of Homeland security; it has been huge since the birth of the Patriot act. The patriot act is the most unconstitutional device ever to come from our government, then followed up by NDAA and soon to be SOPA. All on accounts of TERRORISM!!! TERRORISM is the new communism that the media uses to inject fear into our society. It is the utilized fear that becomes our collective motive for action and war starting. FEAR=RATINGS=MONEY. The TSA does not stop terrorism; its goal is to train our public to submit to government. By reaching down your pants it is invading your constitutional right of protection from search or seizure. Imagine this; you and your child of 5 years old walk through TSA security. You go first and have your genitalia grabbed, while your child is next in line. You tell the searcher “don’t touch my child’s private parts!”, and he replies “sorry sir it’s protocol”. Your child become frightened and looks at you fearfully as a stranger’s hand is inside their pants and there is nothing you can do about it. Immediately your child has submitted privacy to a government official on an extremely private level and your child now sees the government as master over you. This isn’t designed to find contraband; it is designed to force you and your family to submit to government. It is a grotesque abuse of the constitution. HEY GUESS WHAT!? THE TSA ISNT ONLY IN AIRPORTS ANYMORE! THEY GOT FUNDING TO BE IN THE STREETS AND IN TRAINSTATIONS AND TRAINS AS WELL!! HELLO 2012!
It is very simple to understand why government would allow $34 billion to be spent by local police around the country for military grade weaponry and equipment. Because terrorists are everywhere, because the terrorists are not defined! There is no difference between a terrorist and a violent criminal, but now a violent criminal can be arrested by the military on U.S. soil even if they are an American! IT IS LAWYER WORD PLAY THAT MAKES IT LAW SO ANY PERSON BEING VIOLENT WILL LOSE THEIR CITIZENSHIP AND BE CONSIDERED A TERRORIST OR ENEMY COMBATANT! THANK GOD POLIC HAVE MILITARY GRADE WEAPONRY!!! THANK YOU NDAA! THANK YOU LEIBERMAN AND LEVIN!!AND OBAMA!

                                                -Thomas Jefferson.

Career Politicians believe it is their destiny to decide what is best for citizens, this is purely un-American. The status quo of this country’s elite have sought to make amends for themselves which has lead to the road of despotism. We live in a capitalistic country where it’s Darwinian results are supposed to be protected through government (prevention of monopolies). The bailouts by the U.S. Government and the secretive Federal Reserve have left this country with a deteriorating credit score and a mountain of debt. The mega banks of the world (goldmann sachs, JP morgan, etc etc,) are all members of the Federal Reserve Central Banking system of the United states. It is severely important for EVERY AMERICAN TO KNOW HOW THE FEDERAL RESRVE WORKS AND IS RUN. All throughout human history there has been a ruling class, how na├»ve would it be to think that it would disappear? The huge media companies are owned by the Ultra-rich to inject fear and confusion into our lives. The more we fear Iran the more likely we are to not question the soon coming bombing of that country. In Iraq one million civilians have been killed. The reason we went there was because Saddam Hussein HAD weapons of mass destruction, nukes to be specific. Collin Powell talked of “yellow cake” from Africa that was used to create the nuclear material. His source for this information was proven to be false. There were no nukes in Iraq, and we invaded a nation and killed innocent civilians for what? Because we were pissed off about the terror attacks of 911.
 There is no education in television except on a few select channels such as National Geographic, Discovery, and The History Channel, but even that education shows us nothing about the political, religious, or banking history of the world. Important people are left out of history classes in public schools, and important events are not investigated in detail by state education. Is it no wonder that the department of education was started by the Rockefellers and was developed by German psychologists such as William Wunt, who wanted to teach people to be obedient workers rather than enlightened individuals? Is it no surprise that our children are uneducated because of “no child left behind?”( which felt good but was unrealistic? Is it any surprise that our intelligence is being crushed by television, and it’s psychotic numbing? A few select families of great influence have developed our education system so that it would benefit them.
Americans have witnessed much prosperity over its history, and the end of it is almost near. We as Americans can decide between two possible outcomes. We can be overtaken by a police state and be safe from ourselves, I mean terrorists, I mean ourselves, i mean...what is a terrorist? while we collapse from the inside because of our economy. Or we can elect competent honest people to office through tough and rigorous processes that will cut spending, and make times tough for a while while we retract our budget, and influence around the globe. It could be described as a slow contraction. It would be hard to do.
 The nature of humanity is like animal. The ruler makes the rule because he or she is in a position of power. Whether it is over the control of food, land, water, money, etc it is these powers that wish to, overtime, control everything. This is what our constitution was guarding against. There has been enlightened leaders of our nation who have spoken about the future of the united states. Thomas Jefferson said that the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of tyrants and patriots. So what can a person do about America’s situation? For starters, turn off the TV. Then inform yourself at the library and other scholarly subjects that aren’t thrown at you by any facet of government. Some governmental literature or education is good, but most is inadequate. Study history from old books; find films that portray big politicians for the powerful tyrants they really are. NOT ALL ARE BAD. Study the FED(federal reserve bank that is owned by private bankers from around the world who are in control of US monetary policy). Study the history of the Rothschild’s family.
                                Refer to Kennedy’s speech on a monolithic conspiracy

There are owners of this country and they are not you and me. There are operators who spend large volumes of money on controlling elections through subversive means. Their influence is tucked away and hidden, it’s called fascism. Watch these videos developed and cited by the previous HEAD OF THE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION.

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