Friday, March 9, 2012

Trends of Centralizing Power:

                             The earliest institutions of man, in essence, have been there to control human nature. Are there any disagreements to this? The fact that religion, banking, and eventually civilized law have all shaped humanity and decided our evolution, is proof to our accelerated evolution.....Ask yourself; "Is man an evolutionary accelerating animal?" The goal of all creatures in Nature is to primarily survive, and if it can adapt and reproduce offspring more advanced than themselves then it is deemed a success. Over the billions of years of evolution we have seen in our species the most profound adaptation in the history of the entire fossil record, that is, our brain. In a little over a million years, which is a blip on the scale of time in relation to Earth's history, we have expanded our consciousness and use of the physical world through controlled evolution. Does every human have rights? or was it rhetoric from the controllers of evolution that said those appealing things in hope of buying time? It is for you to decide human nature and the possibility of being swindled. I have made my mind up. Eliminate the competition and you're free to express your will. The perfect slave is the one who is tricked into thinking he is free.
                            We are breaking ground in the computing world with the exponential curve of Moore's Law, we are witnessing the shrinking of earth and the hyper acceleration of information sharing, from pole to pole and continent to continent. It is human nature to share and evolve, and i believe that if there is a god he speaks to us from logic, reasoning, and science. Consciousness is God, and the human consciousness in its collectivism is becoming more and more consolidated with the advent of information sharing. Humans are becoming less likely to agree with what their being told by their normal sources, and are seeking a diverse pool of opinions and perspectives in order to ordain the best approach to accessing the truth.
                            In regards to religion; it should be noted that religion is a set of beliefs not founded on fact but faith. While i protect the individual's right to practice any faith they so please, it is their evolution and genealogy that might get kicked by the way side while this techno-logic and scientific revolution accelerates into the cosmos. Inventions such as the quantum computer which can be sustained in four states at once is being found by scientists to be the smallest computer, because it is made of molecules!! So religion tells us to put all  of our faith behind something that has no scientific or even historical truth, while they take our money to spread more faith based ignorance. Religion is practiced ignorance. If there were a devil, i could see no better trick for him to play on the whole of humanity than to invent an organized, highly efficient, child molesting, murdering, ignorance spreading entity all around the world.
                            Man's evolution of the brain; it's doubling in the last million years, is like I said earlier, the most profound growth of an organism's consciousness in the entire fossil record. There are multiple theories to point towards this spectacular transcendence, but most objective research shows the introduction of psychedelic chemicals into our diets. I'll leave you to the names of Terrence Mckenna and his Stoned Ape Theory, and to Timothy Leary with his views on consciousness as just a few to describe the cultural operating system contrived by the expansion of the human consciousness.
                          Humans are biological computing systems who are using evolution as a means to become more efficient information sharing and analyzing entities. There is a point humans are striving towards with the use of science and technology, and i believe it is to become GOD, or complete concioussness. It is not a question of  "if humans will transcend into the galaxy and become consciousness, but it questioned, when, and who."
-Asa Lambert



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